Engineering and Industrial Surveying

Studies within this specialization prepare to conduct works connected with geodesic service of various investments at every stage of their realization.

The curriculum covers issues thanks to which students 

  • get acquainted with unique measuring equipment, such as: radar interferometer, geo-radar, echo sounder, trolley for measuring geometry and diagnostics of rail routes, digital track gauge for measuring geometry of tracks and turnouts, alliniometer, inclinometer, laser scanners, scanning tacheometer, precision robotic tacheometer, 
  • design their own software allowing the use of computerised measurement systems in execution and inventory works, 
  • use specialist software in designing, modelling, calculating and analysing results when solving problems in the field of engineering surveying 
  • take part in work placements and technical excursions, 
  • are able to solve technical problems, use modern measurement technologies, conduct literature research in order to find solutions to the problems posed, 
  • are prepared to cooperate with representatives of other fields of technical sciences and with specialists from the engineering and industrial sectors. 

The curriculum also includes inventory measurements of all types of construction objects for the assessment of their geometric parameters and the monitoring of displacements of objects and their surroundings using advanced measurement systems. 

GIP specialization presentation 

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