The Team's scientific and research activity focuses on problems in the field of engineering geodesy, submitted for solution by various units of national economy and scientific institutions. The research topics are constantly stimulated by the scientific interests and research passions of individual members of the Team. Ongoing cooperation with metallurgical, mining and construction companies, as well as with geodetic enterprises and state administration offices, is conducive to utilitarian research. Many of the undertaken research problems became the subjects of doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations of the employees and students of doctoral studies.  

Research works are developed as individual and team research projects (grants) financed by, among others:  

  • The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR),  
  • National Science Centre (NCN),  
  • the project "Excellence Initiative - Research University" carried out at AGH in Krakow,  
  • research subvention at AGH in Krakow.  

In addition, many scientific and research studies on solving current technical problems are carried out on behalf of industry.  


Scientific research conducted by the members of the Team is mainly concerned with the impact of mining exploitation on surface development and the impact of industrial environment on the safety of buildings.  

In the former case, the research covers a wide range of impacts of surface deformation and mining tremors on the safety and technical wear and tear of buildings, industrial buildings and engineering structures. Among other things, a methodology was developed for assessing mining influences on the technical wear and tear of buildings and on the safety of bridge structures. The then Department of Construction also designed the first large-panel building adapted to mining areas.  

As part of the research on the impact of the industrial environment on building structures, his impact on the technical condition and safety of industrial buildings and structures, in particular reinforced concrete industrial chimneys and cooling towers, was analysed. This research has resulted in doctoral and post-doctoral theses and scientific publications. Particularly noteworthy are also numerous scientific and research studies for the industry, concerning complex construction problems.  


Research groups 

Since 2021, the Department of Engineering Geodesy and Construction has had research groups. They are composed of research staff of the Department and PhD students. Their aim is to conduct research related to the main topic, as well as to popularise science in the form of publications and conferences. The following groups are currently active in the Department (detailed information after clicking on the name of a given group): 


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