The Department's research activities include the following:

  • examination of the technical condition and determination of the safety degree of industrial and other structures, 
  • investigating the impact of mining exploitation on existing surface buildings and forecasting changes in the stability and durability of building structures 
  • development of principles for evaluation of building structures, 
  • development of technologies for performing measurement work related to setting up and modelling the spatial shape of mechanical equipment and objects, 
  • examination of displacements and deformations of industrial objects and engineering structures together with geometric and constructional interpretation 
  • use of thermovision technology in the assessment of the technical condition of industrial facilities, residential buildings, pipelines and others 
  • development of modern technologies for execution and inventory measurements and displacement measurements with the use of electronic instruments and GPS satellite technology, 
  • use of RTK-GPS satellite technology to solve various engineering problems, 
  • determination of the location of underground cables and devices as well as subsurface cavities using non-invasive methods 
  • modelling of objects on the basis of point clouds obtained with different measurement technologies 
  • carrying out diagnostic tests in the analysis of technical condition and geometry of rail routes, 
  • application of various measurement techniques for determining the geometry of rail routes as well as for drawing up designs of track alignment. 
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